We opened this place to share our love of Mediterranean food and flavours, plus of course the pleasure of coming together to enjoy them. While we always love to see you we also know that sometimes the best place is your own place, which is why we made sure that our takeaway menu is as close to the full Gallio experience as possible. Not had a chance to explore yet? Unsure whether you’re after a satisfying salad bowl, a delicious pizza made with ancient grains and the freshest ingredients or a succulent Caesar salad? It took a bit of doing but we’ve cut the list down to bring you our top five takeaway favourites:

  1. Gallio Green Pizza

A crisp, satisfying base made with ancient grain dough – delicious and packed with protein and antioxidants – topped with earthy mushrooms, spinach, pumpkin seeds, tangy feta, mozzarella and warm, fruity Aleppo peppers. This is the sort of thing you order the first time to feel good about yourself, then the second, third and fourth times because it’s so damned tasty.

2. Moroccan Chicken & Flatbread

Exactly what it says: succulent marinated chicken, kissed with flame from our charcoal grill and served with fresh-baked flatbread & hummus. It’s one of our most popular meze dishes and we do say it’s best shared so… Maybe order two?

3. Lamb Kofte Mediterranean Wrap

Our Mediterranean wraps are made with warm giant couscous, wild rice, herbs, tomatoes, cucumber and pickled red cabbage all wrap up tight with our delicious ancient grain flatbread. On that sumptuous base we offer a range of options but when it comes to traditional Mediterranean flavours there’s nothing we like more than to layer it up with rich and spicy homemade lamb kofta. Kofta: Because you’re worth it.

4. Gallio Caesar Salad

Salads – the boring choice? Not here baby, green is the stuff of life and we pack our seasonal salads with the freshest, tastiest leaves our farmers can provide then go a whole load of extra miles. For the Gallio take on this classic think baby gem, toasted seeds, croutons with white bean and garlic dressing and shards sharply tangy parmesan. You can have it naked or dress it with Moroccan Chicken. Any way, you can’t lose.

5. Meat Charcuterie Pizza

Last of the five, but these are NOT in order of preference, is our classic salami & nduja pizza. That gorgeous ancient grain dough base provides loving support for generous slabs of salami and spicy nduja sausage as well as chorizo & prosciutto, mozzarella & tangy piquillo peppers. Like proud parents we love all our dishes equally but some days that love is more equal in some places than others…

So that’s it, our Top Five Takeaway Favourites for this week. If you’ve ordered any (all?) of them please do comment below and let us know how we’re doing and what your favourites are. Won’t be long before we do another of these blogs and would love to feature your thoughts too. Until the next time, stay adventurous!