Shakshuka Pots


6x Hot Breakfast Pots with Shakshuka. Made with harissa, poached egg, feta & a freshly baked flatbread

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Embark on a flavour-packed journey at Gallio Mediterranean Restaurant in London. Where our signature Smokey Tomato and Piquillo Pepper Shakshuka awaits. This enticing dish is a celebration of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours, skillfully bringing together the richness of smoked tomatoes and the subtle heat of piquillo peppers.

Accompanying our Shakshuka is a perfectly poached egg, crumbled feta cheese, and a freshly baked flatbread. Crafted from our special ancient grain dough, prepared fresh daily in-house, the flatbread serves as more than just an accompaniment; it’s an invitation to tear and dip, allowing you to savor every drop of the savoury sauce.

For those seeking to tailor their Shakshuka experience, we offer a tantalizing array of delectable toppings to choose from. Elevate your dish with creamy avocado, delight in the bold flavours of Merguez sausage, relish the smokiness of turkey bacon, or opt for the time-tested classic, halloumi.

This culinary masterpiece graces our brunch menu daily until 11:30 AM. Providing the perfect start to your day with a burst of Mediterranean flavours. On Sundays, our brunch hours extend until 2 PM, ensuring that you can leisurely enjoy this delightful dish.

At Gallio, we are dedicated to crafting unique culinary experiences. Our Smokey Tomato and Piquillo Pepper Shakshuka stands as a testament to that commitment. Join us for a brunch that will transport your taste buds to the Mediterranean coast. Allowing you to fully savour the authenticity of our freshly baked flatbread paired with the richness of the Shakshuka sauce. Your taste buds will undoubtedly express their gratitude for this extraordinary gastronomic adventure.

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Serves 6