Chocolate & Pistachio Croissant


A flaky classic croissant served with chocolate sauce & pistachio

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Treat yourself to a brunch indulgence like no other at Gallio Mediterranean Restaurant in London with our irresistible Chocolate & Pistachio Croissant. This classic croissant takes a delightful twist, boasting flaky layers and a generous drizzle of organic high-quality chocolate sauce, all elegantly dusted with crunchy pistachio nuts.

Picture yourself savouring the perfect croissant – golden and crisp on the outside, while the inside is soft and buttery. Now, imagine the richness of velvety chocolate sauce gracefully coating each layer and the delightful nuttiness of pistachios enhancing every bite. It’s a symphony of flavors and textures that will make your brunch truly memorable.

Our Chocolate & Pistachio Croissant is a star on our brunch menu, available daily until 11:30 AM, making it an ideal way to start your day with a touch of decadence. On Sundays, our brunch hours extend until 2 PM, giving you extra time to relish this delightful creation.

At Gallio, we believe in elevating even the simplest dishes to new heights with premium ingredients and a commitment to excellence. Our Chocolate & Pistachio Croissant embodies this ethos, delivering a brunch experience that’s both sophisticated and satisfying.

Whether you’re craving a sweet start to your morning or a mid-day treat, our Chocolate & Pistachio Croissant awaits. Visit Gallio Mediterranean Restaurant in London and delight in this flaky masterpiece that celebrates the union of chocolate and pistachio in Mediterranean style. Your brunch just got a whole lot sweeter.