Cured Beef Croquetas


Spanish style croquetas served with garlic aioli



Indulge in the rich and savoury flavours of the Mediterranean at Gallio Mediterranean Restaurant in London with our delectable Cured Beef Croquetas. These Spanish-style croquetas are a delightful treat, served with a side of garlic aioli for the perfect dipping experience.

Croquetas, a beloved dish in Mediterranean cuisine, have their roots in Spain. These delightful bites are made by creating a creamy filling, often featuring ingredients like cured beef, and then coating it with breadcrumbs before frying to a crispy golden perfection. Fun fact: Croquetas are considered a classic Spanish comfort food and are a staple at tapas bars across the country. They come in various flavours, making them a versatile and crowd-pleasing choice.

We craft our Cured Beef Croquetas with halal beef, ensuring that they are accessible to a wide range of dietary preferences. They’re part of our sharing mezze plates section, designed to bring the essence of Mediterranean cuisine to your dining experience.

Imagine savouring these crispy and creamy croquetas, with each bite revealing the rich and savory flavors of cured beef. The garlic aioli adds a perfect touch of garlicky goodness, enhancing the overall experience.

At Gallio, we take pride in creating unique culinary moments, and our Cured Beef Croquetas are no exception. Join us for a journey through Mediterranean cuisine. Where you can also share and savour the flavours of Spain with these delectable bites. Your taste buds are in for a treat, and your dining experience at Gallio will be nothing short of extraordinary.