Falafel Filled Pita Box


Falafel filled homemade pita breads served with garlic aioli, zhough, pickled cabbage, za’atar, red onion & chilli.

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Introducing Gallio’s mouthwatering Mediterranean falafel-filled pita. This vegetarian delight is made with love and bursting with authentic flavours. Sink your teeth into our freshly homemade pita bread, generously filled with delectable falafel and accompanied by a symphony of irresistible toppings. From the creamy garlic aioli to the tangy zhough, the pickled cabbage, and the exotic za’atar, every bite is a journey to the Mediterranean.

Whether you’re looking for a tasty sharing plate or a satisfying solo meal, our falafel pita is the answer. It’s perfect for a quick lunch on the go or a cozy dinner at home. And don’t worry about the hassle. We offer eat-in, takeaway, and delivery options, so you can enjoy Gallio’s goodness wherever you are. What sets our pita apart is the ancient grain-inspired dough we use. Not only is it lighter and tastier than traditional dough, but it’s also easier to digest. We know our stuff when it comes to dough, so you can trust that every bite of our filled pitas is a filling and feel-good experience.

Here at Gallio’s, we believe in celebrating the rich culinary history of the Mediterranean. That’s why we honour the tradition of ancient grains in our pita bread. These grains, cherished for centuries in the Mediterranean, bring a unique depth of flavour and a touch of heritage to our filled pitas. So, why wait? Treat yourself to the irresistible flavours of Gallio’s Mediterranean inspired falafel-filled pita. Indulge in a taste of tradition, made just for you.