Grilled Mediterranean Chicken Wrap Box


Khobez Wrap folded and filled with Lettuce, Lebanese Slaw, Harissa Yoghurt, Sumac Onions and Grilled Mediterranean Chicken

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Grilled Mediterranean Chicken Wrap Box

Serving: Serves 6

Ingredients: Lettuce, Lebanese Slaw, Garlic Yoghurt, Crispy Onions, Marinated Greek Feta Wild Mushrooms, Bravas Sauce, Khobez Wrap

Allergens: Cereals containing gluten; Milk; Mustard; Sesame; Sulphur dioxide, which is a preservative found in some dried fruit

Suitable for: Vegetarian & Can be made Vegan

Planning your next office lunch or catering an event? Our catering wrap boxes are the perfect solution, offering a variety of flavours to satisfy every palate. Our Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Wrap, a standout in our selection, actively brings vibrant Mediterranean flavours straight to your table.

Each wrap features succulent chicken, marinated in a blend of Mediterranean spices, and grilled to perfection. We ensure that our chicken is halal, catering to diverse dietary needs. We nestle the chicken in a Khobez wrap, which provides a soft and flavourful base for the other ingredients.

The wrap also includes fresh lettuce and Lebanese slaw, adding a refreshing crunch to each bite. The garlic yoghurt lends a creamy, tangy note, perfectly complementing the robust flavors of the grilled chicken. Crispy onions introduce an unexpected texture, while the marinated Greek feta adds a tangy richness to the overall flavour profile.

For a touch of heat, we also add bravas sauce, a spicy tomato sauce that rounds out the flavours beautifully. All these elements come together to create a satisfying and flavourful meal.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, all our packaging is eco-friendly. We believe in delivering great food while minimizing our impact on the environment.

So, whether you’re organising an office lunch or planning catering for an event, our Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Wrap boxes are an excellent choice. They deliver not only a feast for the taste buds, but also align with conscious, environmentally friendly choices. Enjoy a medley of Mediterranean flavours while being mindful of the planet with our catering wrap boxes.