Lamb Pizza


Harissa, guindilla peppers, red cabbage, tahini drizzle & mint


Get ready to indulge in a mouthwatering culinary delight: Gallio’s Mediterranean inspired Lamb pizza. Made with halal lamb and crafted with the utmost care, this pizza is a true flavour sensation.

The star of the show is our ancient grain dough, which adds a unique twist to this pizza experience. It’s light, tasty, and oh-so-easy to digest. Bite into the perfect combination of flavous: the fiery kick of Harissa, the zing of guindilla peppers, the crunch of red cabbage, and the mellow creaminess of tahini drizzle. And let’s not forget the refreshing touch of mint that brings it all together.

You have options when it comes to enjoying our Lamb pizza. Whether you prefer to dine in, take it away, or have it delivered straight to your doorstep, we’ve got you covered. We want to make sure you can savour every bite wherever you are.

But let’s talk about the history behind ancient grains. These grains have been a staple of the Mediterranean diet for centuries. Packed with nutrients and bursting with flavour, they have stood the test of time. We take pride in being experts in dough, and using ancient grains is our way of paying homage to the traditions and flavours of the Mediterranean.

So if you’re ready to embark on a culinary journey that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied, look no further than Gallio’s Mediterranean inspired Lamb pizza. It’s not just a meal, it’s an experience. Dive in and discover why we’re known for our dough expertise and our commitment to quality.


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