Pizza Making Kit


Experience the taste of the Mediterranean with our innovative pizza-making kits. Our specially made 18-hour proof ancient grain signature dough will redefine your pizza expectations – imagine a pizza with a light, fresh, and grainy texture that’s bursting with flavour. Our kits include fresh tomato sauce, galbani mozzarella, cheese, and semolina, and each one can make two delicious pizzas. Whether you plan to bake your pies in a garden pizza oven or a regular kitchen oven, you’ll be in for a treat that you won’t soon forget. Order your pizza-making kit today and experience a whole new level of homemade pizza.



Indulge in a mouth-watering Mediterranean-style pizza made right at home with our premium pizza-making kits. Our latest creation features an 18-hour proof ancient grain signature dough that will redefine your pizza experience. Imagine a light and fresh taste with a delightful grainy texture, offering more flavour with less chew. Each kit includes fresh tomato sauce, creamy galbani mozzarella cheese, and semolina. Accommodating every lifestyle, the kit yields two large pizzas that can be baked in any standard kitchen oven or ideally in a garden pizza oven. Don’t just settle for any ordinary pizza, elevate your taste buds with our exceptional pizza-making kit.


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