Quinoa, brown rice, kale, tomato & herb salad with citrus dressing

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Experience the vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean at Gallio Mediterranean Restaurant in London with our delicious Tabbouleh. This plant-based sensation combines quinoa, brown rice, kale, tomato, and a herb salad, all dressed in a zesty citrus dressing. It’s a vegan and plant-based dish that’s a true celebration of fresh and wholesome ingredients.

Tabbouleh originates from the Middle East and has become a beloved dish worldwide. What makes it special is its simplicity and the emphasis on using the finest ingredients. At Gallio, we take this tradition to heart by crafting Tabbouleh that’s bursting with flavour and freshness.

Our Tabbouleh isn’t just a standalone dish; it’s also a recommended side plate that pairs beautifully with our other small plates. Whether you’re indulging in tiger prawns, savouring falafel, or relishing baked king scallops, Tabbouleh adds a refreshing and nutritious element to your meal.

Imagine the medley of flavours and textures as you enjoy our Tabbouleh. The quinoa and brown rice provide a hearty base, while the kale and tomato salad add a crisp and vibrant touch. The citrus dressing ties it all together, creating a delightful and balanced dish.

At Gallio, we are committed to offering a diverse range of culinary experiences, and our Tabbouleh is a testament to that dedication. Join us for a dining adventure that celebrates the essence of the Mediterranean, where freshness, flavour, and plant-based goodness shine. Your taste buds are in for a treat, and your dining experience at Gallio will be nothing short of extraordinary.