Committed to protecting the Mediterranean through sustainable practices.

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Sustainability is important to us at Gallio. We draw inspiration from the Mediterranean’s tradition of enjoying fresh, scratch-made meals bursting with exceptional flavours. To ensure the long-term sustainability of our business, we incorporate a triple bottom line approach, focusing on minimising our environmental impact and prioritising the well-being of our team as we continue to grow. From embracing sustainable practices in line with the Sustainability Development Goals to featuring a fully carbon-labeled menu, Gallio goes above and beyond to be eco-conscious. Explore the many ways we’re striving to be greener.

Our mission statement:

To celebrate the Mediterranean lifestyle whilst considering environmental impact

Sustainability - Carbon Labelling

At Gallio, our goal is to be transparent about the environmental impact of our dishes. To achieve this, we have partnered with My Emissions, a data-driven life cycle assessment tool that evaluates the carbon footprint of each of our ingredients, packaging, and recipes. Our dishes are labeled with grades ranging from A (Very Low Emissions) to E (Very High Emissions).

To learn more about My Emissions and their methodology, visit their FAQs page here. Our falafel stands out as our greenest menu item, while options such as lamb and chicken, due to their farming practices, have a higher emission amount. My Emissions calculates the carbon footprint based on a cradle-to-store approach. You can view the carbon labels for each dish at our restaurant, allowing you to make informed choices about your dining experience.

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Our carbon labelled Menu

Rated A (Very Low)

Garlic Hummus & Homemade Breadsticks

Harissa Hummus & Homemade Breadsticks

Turkish Ezme with Khobez Chips


Tomato Salad

Patatas Bravas

Garlic & Rosemary Flatbread

Falafel Pilaf Bowl

Falafel Wrap

House Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

Triple Grain Pilaf

Rated B (Low)

Greek Salad

Blue Cheese, Pear Salad

Four Cheese bread

Wild Mushroom Pizza

Mushroom & Feta Pilaf Bowl

Lemon Chicken Pilaf Bowl

Wild Mushroom Wrap

Rated C (Medium)

Padron Peppers

Lemon Chicken

Tomata Pizza

Nduja Pizza

Chicken Pizza

Chicken Wrap


Rated D (High)

Tartufo Pizza

Tiger Prawns

Lemon Cheesecake

Caramel Cheesecake

Crema Catalana

Rated E (Very High)

Lamb Kofte


Halloumi Fries

Turkish Lamb Pizza

Lamb Kofte Pilaf Bowl

Lamb Kofte Wrap

Our Emissions Breakdown

Breakdown of product ratings

Gallio Mediterranean Restaurant London MyEmmissions Sustainability

Average life cycle emissions (per kg)

Gallio Mediterranean Restaurant London MyEmmissions Sustainability


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