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Enjoy the best of Mediterranean culture with us through our curated experiences! We offer delicious food, refreshing drinks, and all the laughter and love that comes with it. 

Join us for unforgettable experiences such as pizza-making classes, bottomless brunch parties, karting and pizza packages, and Mezze picnics on GoBoats in Canary Wharf. Whatever your taste may be, we guarantee a unique and enjoyable experience that everyone can enjoy. 

Experience Mediterranean culture through delicious food, drinks, and memorable activities like pizza-making classes, brunch parties, karting, and Mezze picnics on GoBoats.

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Every month we embark on a culinary journey, exploring a unique Mediterranean city. We delve into its culture, unearthing what makes it special, and whip up a recipe inspired by our adventure. It’s like a tasty postcard from the Mediterranean, delivered right to your kitchen! So, come join us on this delicious voyage – it’s sure to be a feast for the senses!