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All-day Mediterranean Inspired Food

Indulge in our Mediterranean-inspired food, crafted by our passionate team of culinary experts who use only the freshest ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes from scratch. With Mezze plates, topped flatbreads, pilaf bowls, and wraps available for both lunch and dinner, there’s something for everyone. Our secret to the perfect dough lies in our use of ancient grains, left to prove for over 18 hours to create a lighter, tastier base. Satisfy your taste buds and discover our unique dough today.

Our Mediterranean-inspired dishes, crafted with fresh ingredients by our passionate culinary team, offer a variety of Mezze plates, topped flatbreads, pilaf bowls, and wraps for any meal. Discover the unique taste of our dough, perfected using ancient grains and an 18-hour proving process, resulting in a lighter, tastier base.

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Fresh Feel Good Food for Everyday Occasions

Allergen Info

We take allergens very seriously at Gallio and it is important for the safety and wellbeing of our guests that you inform your server of any allergies or dietary requirements before placing your order. It’s important to note that we use all 14 allergens, and any additional allergens will not all be labelled on our menu. We make significant efforts to ensure that cross-contamination is avoided. However, we cannot guarantee that our dishes are entirely allergen free. We have a specific note about nuts and sesame seeds as well as gluten, which are frequently used in our kitchens, and we advise guests with severe allergies to assess their own level of risk before dining with us. Lastly, please check the allergen guide of our menu regularly as recipes may change.

Check out our full allergen info with details of the 14 allergens. Please inform your server of any allergens or dietary requirements when ordering from our menu.

Mediterranean Style Bottomless Brunch Gallio Mediterranean Restaurant

Mediterranean Style Bottomless Brunch

Ready to live more Mediterranean? Indulge in the ultimate celebration of food and fun with our Bottomless Brunch! Because in the Mediterranean, nothing brings people together like delicious food and good company.