Mediterranean Pizza

Welcome to our page all about Mediterranean pizza! Our pizzas are truly special, with a signature dough that is inspired by ancient grains and the delightful flavours of Mediterranean topped flatbreads.

We take pride in offering an incredible variety of pizzas to suit everyone’s preferences. For our customers seeking halal options, we have both lamb and chicken pizzas made with halal ingredients.

If you’re a fan of classic flavours, you cannot miss our take on the margarita pizza, but with a twist – a mouthwatering tomat√° pizza! The combination of ingredients will surely leave you craving for more.

For those who love a little kick in their pizza, we highly recommend our nduja pizza with a touch of honey. The spicy and sweet combination is downright irresistible.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our vegetarian and vegan friends! Our delicious mushroom pizza that will satisfy their cravings.

We understand that dietary needs vary, which is why we offer gluten-free base alternatives. We want to ensure that everyone can enjoy our pizzas, regardless of their dietary requirements.

So, whether you’re a meat lover, a fan of classic flavours, a spice enthusiast, a veggie connoisseur, or someone with dietary restrictions, we have the perfect Mediterranean pizza for you. Come and experience the flavours of the Mediterranean with every bite!

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