Valentine's Day

Gallio Adhesive Tape Dough
Gallio Adhesive Tape Dough

Indulge in Love at Gallio

Celebrate the profound connection between love and the Mediterranean at Gallio’s, where our Valentine’s menus encapsulate the passion and romance deeply rooted in this enchanting region.

Experience a romantic rendezvous with our exclusive Valentine’s menus. Available from 9th to 17th February. 

Cupid's Menu

In the enchanting embrace of the Mediterranean, Cupid, born from sea foam, wove tales of love with his celestial arrows. Amidst olive groves and fragrant blooms, his whimsical escapades connected hearts, creating an eternal tapestry of romance across the sun-kissed landscapes. Like a gentle breeze, Cupid’s legend continues to inspire affection through the ages.

£30 per person for three Courses

+£5 for a glass of Prosecco


Aphrodite's Menu

In the heart of the Mediterranean, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, emerged from the sea’s embrace, casting an enchanting spell upon the azure waters. From the mythical birthplace in Cyprus to the shores of Greece, her presence infused the region with timeless tales of love and desire. The Mediterranean, a canvas for her divine influence, resonates with the eternal charm of Aphrodite’s legacy.

£40 per person for three Courses

+£5 for a glass of Prosecco

Venus' Menu

Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, emerged from the sea foam after the castration of Uranus, embodying love, fertility, and victory. Revered in Roman mythology, Venus is often associated with romantic love and desire. Her influence extends to the celebration of love, linking her essence with traditions such as Valentine’s Day. The enduring image of Venus riding a shell symbolises not only her mythological origin but also the timeless themes of love and beauty, making her a central figure in both ancient mythology and modern romantic traditions.

£55 for 6x Sharing Plates

+£5 for a glass of Prosecco