A living celebration of the Mediterranean love of life!

Here we make authentic feel-good food inspired by the cultures, stories and joys of many nations – diverse peoples connected by a rich and fertile sea.

Each dish on our menu is created to bring joy with every bite and it’s even better when it’s shared.

So take a seat, feel the sun on your face, hear the soft lapping of waves on the shore and prepare to join us on our delicious adventure.


Feel Good FOOD


Open for Lunch and Dinner, our flatbreads, pizzas, sharing bowls and vibrant salads deliver on both taste and flavour.

Our dough, made from a mix of grains, delivers not only a better taste, but a whole host of nutritional benefits – high in protein and antioxidants.

These grains are mixed with sea salt, natural yeast, extra virgin olive oil and filtered water, then left to prove for 36 hours before being handcrafted to make the GALLIO signature thin and crispy base.

inspired by THE MED


Alongside pizzas, our menu features colourful fresh salads, delicious grain bowls, small plates and delightful desserts. We also offer a great range of plant-based, meat free options for vegan and vegetarian diets as well as gluten-free options.

Our dishes take you on a journey across all the countries around the Mediterranean, inspired by the food passion, recipes and fresh quality ingredients that makes the regions a paradise for food lovers.


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